Gemini career horoscope this month

Am sure to get married after i enter a job. Am pisces. My question is will I marry the one I love? Will my parents accept our love? When will I get a job? Burgos Southerrn Leyte on October 13, at am. Your email address will not be published.

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Gemini Career Horoscope

Be persistent in your efforts. Aquarius , if you sign a deal with the devil, there will be repercussions. Keep this in your mind before you commit to something that could potentially drag you down to hell. The human mind is simultaneously complex and beautiful, selective about the information it retains, and careful about protecting the ego from hurt and pain.

Could the bad memories be isolating you from the wonderful opportunities standing before you? Use the power of your mind to free yourself from the past and send out positive intentions.

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You know what they say about good vibes, Aries! They make you alluring to joy, prosperity and abundance.

Gemini Career and Money Horoscope

Inculcating mindful rituals is the key to resetting on an energetic level. Cosmic tip: Tap into the power of your subconscious mind to send our positive intentions. Practice makes one perfect: a fact you learned early on in life. Be persistent in your efforts, Taurus. Beware of taking their words the wrong way. Continue to create from a space of love and the Universe will take care of everything else.

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Let trust and surrender be your magic words. Those who are heading bigger organisations should take a cue from them too.

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The idea is to curate a space that supports collaboration and co-creation as opposed to competition. Think beyond the annual off-site, Gemini. Learning all aspects of the trade humbles you in a way nothing else can. October is also the month to explore your relationship with digital media.

The right strategy will help you expand your business and get noticed by the right people. How much is too much, Leo? A question I ask you ever so often. To protect your mental and physical health, make course corrections without delay. Let delegation become your power word. The perfect person for the job is already around you. Train them if you have certain expectations.

Most importantly, relinquish the reins and learn to trust them. If things work out seamlessly, take it as a sign. Everything is as it should be. The Universe is looking out for you. The opportunities that are showing up right now are in alignment with your highest good. Don't let past failures keep you from grabbing life by the horns. The power to manifest your best life is already within you. Libra , you are represented by the scales, a sign of balance.

There is nobody who understands partnership better than you do. Those who are working in twos are likely to thrive more than ever before. Let trust and mutual understanding continue to be the secret sauce to your success. The month ahead also promises many victories. Things that have been stuck for a while will be set in motion, giving you your moment in the sun. To be creating what you love with love is a privilege granted to a few, Scorpio.