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The human mind can do something that no machine can do. It can meld all of the symbols together into one clear, coherent, emotionally connected package. Developments in artificial intelligence may change all that someday, but for now the human heart is still the premier instrument when it comes to pulling the diverse messages of many planets into a meaningful, coherent statement.

When I am teaching the more advanced kinds of astrological interpretation, I constantly beat this drum: integration, integration, integration. One day I realized that I could boil this critical skill down to one single pithy statement: always remember what you have already said.

So simple to say, but it really encapsulates all the critical integrative principles. Lunar eclipses are not rare, but ones that coincide with a so—called "Super Moon" are a lot more unusual. And that's exactly what you will be seeing, provided that no clouds get in the way: a particularly big Full Moon going dark, maybe even turning coppery—red in the process. Caveat: absolutely guaranteed, the media is going to oversell it, leading to lots of disappointment among people who've been jaded by special effects in movies.

I can see the hyperbolic Yahoo!

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And of course somebody somewhere will have their fifteen minutes of fame by proclaiming some grand governmental conspiracy to conceal the fact that the Moon will collide with the Earth, probably due to some alleged malfeasance on the part of Hillary Clinton. Ignore the hyperbole, but please, if you possibly can, have a look at this sky—show! Just keep your expectations somewhere south of seeing a real—life Star Wars up there that night. Lunar Eclipses are languorous affairs, to be savored like long, slow winter sunsets or your last piece of chocolate.

Totality, for example — the period of total lunar eclipse — lasts about an hour. Compare that with the frantic few minutes of a total solar eclipse. That's an entirely different beast, and admittedly a lot more spectacular. January's Moon—show, from the first, nearly—unnoticeable "penumbral" contact of the outer edges of Earth's shadow with the Moon to the final " not—with—a—bang—but—a—whimper" end of it all, runs about five hours. The answer to that question is of course long and complex.

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So why not support each other with care and kindness? Rogers had such a lasting impact, in part because, as the documentary shows, he walked his talk.

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With its eighty-four year orbit, Uranus — the fabled Lord of Earthquakes and Lightning Bolts — enters a new sign of the zodiac about every seven years. As befits its dramatic title, when it enters a sign, any area of life connected with that symbol is due to hit some choppy air. As befits the lightning bolt metaphor, these pulses can happen very rapidly.


Like earthquakes, they can, in the blink of an eye, change the shape of the landscape forever. Chiron makes a Station on the Fourth of July, turning retrograde at about 2. Meanwhile, Saturn is already retrograde at about 5. So they are making a square aspect within about a three-degree orb right as those Chironic energies come to a peak.

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  5. Chiron escapes into Pisces on September 26 th. Saturn, already seeing the futility of the chase, gives up on September 6 th , turning around at about 2. By then Saturn is too deep into Capricorn for the square to form. Uranus is famous for providing surprises and it sure worked for me a couple of days ago! I was speaking at the United Astrology Conference in Chicago. And it sure worked! I won the Regulus Award for Astrological Education.

    I know my work is popular and that I have a high profile in the world of astrology. It seems that winning an award should not come as a total shock. But it did. Some of my surprise derived from simple experience. I had often been nominated, and never won. My sibling is an identical twin. So she will be experiencing the same aspects. I wonder what that means…. Like Like. Intuition will provide a path through the rest of it.

    Planets & Astrology: Saturn

    A ,Mutable Sign, less brittle and more flexible than in earlier periods of history when Saturn and Pluto aligned. The working man is likely to come out ahead, and the dictators be replaced. It looks as if the nationailst and racist trends will be shorter in length this time around.

    Like Liked by 2 people. We really would have state emergency. Good Grief!!! Until it happens and its only predictions. We cannot control the world, and only ourselves.

    by Hank Friedman

    I will not worry to much over this and also change is good and sometimes, its hard, but in the end result its worthy. Enjoy your return and I am sure its going to be great.

    Life will not be miserable, and only if you allowed it to be. Go for those goals, and reach for the stars, and life is journey, and enjoy it. I love Saturn returns. They can be very helpful. Saturn is there to show us how to build strong foundations so they survive the test of time. That has been my experience at least and trust me, I know what hard times are. Saturn is a gift if handled correctly. Best to you. Had to count every penny when it was there, but I learned some great budgeting techniques and realized my own self-worth, especially on the job.

    When Saturn entered, I was forced to. I thought I was the worst worker. If your Saturn Return happens in the 2nd house, I promise you, you will come out so much more confident. Actually, thinking about that Saturn transit makes me more confident to face my own Return in the 3rd house. Life are challenges and I talk to G-D everyday. I been through a lot, but who has not.