Leo weekly horoscope jessica adams

Out of pain and addiction can come the healer. There is also the strength that comes after a struggle. Ascendant Leo 1 can have very challenging, obsessive and dramatic relationships, in some cases, they inspire art Morrisette.

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Talent and prophetic ability are here, usually, it is a gift passed down from their ancestors. The Christ connection is strong here where perhaps the subject plays the part of either the fallen man or woman Mary Magdelene or they can be the Christ savior figure in relationships.

Astrology: Leo Sun Sign by Jessica Adams

The experience of slander by the opposite sex can also be marked with the Ascendant Leo 1. Feeling linked to the environment, working towards the protection of the land. So either these folk are going to be hugely confident in relationships or they suffer a total lack of ego and are attracted to egoistical people. Even the most insecure of these will be perceived as bossy, in the sense that they may only feel confident if they are in total control of their partner.

The Astrologer’s Diary: 1 - 7 July 12222

The mother bear energy means that Leo 2 rising will easily become the parent and caretaker in the relationship. Their appearance is very often glamorous or theatrical and some of them may be known for their golden hair or wild locks. Being drawn, intentionally or not, to intense emotional encounters. The importance of this star is accentuated by its nearness to the ecliptic.

Its effect is in the best sense that of Jupiter and Mars. Without a doubt, this must be the most authoritarian ascendant you can have. You will gain from property price increases adding to the value of your home — or alternatively the right place at the right price.

Your November 12222 Monthly Horoscope

You can also gain from house-sitting this year, home exchange, Air BnB or a useful reduction on a property you long for. This is a year for good ideas that turn into big success stories, Leo. One particular project or plan will skyrocket in the first eight months. A new computer, mobile phone, internet provider or cutting-edge technology will change your life at this time.

Leo, you will also be very happy with a new house or apartment from October Your family will increase in size or benefit from changes involving your relatives not possible in years. In the second half?

Aries: October 12222

Virgo, you could make serious money this year, gain from major bargains, sell at a profit or capitalise wonderfully on your assets. Do everything you can to make sure the facts and figures work and you will be rewarded by October.

This is the kind of year when you can save money or make it, depending on your priorities. A property or other asset you want, at the right price, becomes yours later on. You need to know that your name, photograph, YouTube clip or social media profile does you justice and this year it will. Scorpio, those of you who have been playing a behind-the-scenes role on an important mission may have been steadily acquiring a powerful position. Scorpio, in you must get on with something secret, behind-the-scenes or solitary.

If you work with the police, or another organisation where classified information is vital, you will gain this year. A confidential matter may be personal or professional but you will benefit.

Sagittarius, new possibilities with old friends will turn life around for you and bring more influence, luck and power. You are part of a group or network which is already doing extremely well, but more changes in will put you up where you belong. In fact, there will be more than one group project or team venture this year, involving old and new friends.

Capricorn, some people born under your sign are about to receive a promotion or outstanding academic result which will jet-propel them into In other cases you may be resigning, retiring or accepting the end of the road with another key role or mission. The time is right for change, as between now and October, you will be given several opportunities to recreate your career and reshape your role.

Do follow the signs and see where they take you. You will be dealing with a major final chapter — or a brilliant new beginning — with your job, course or other work. A bigger role, more opportunities for success and a luck with Asian, US or European ties is yours in