March 10 birthday astrology taurus

In fact, your happiest moments are when you get a new potential partner to conquer. The process of winning them gives you a thrill.

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You are quite averse to romantic attachments. Granted, you love with a passion. Nonetheless, you dislike commitments in a relationship. You prefer the no-strings-attached kind of arrangement. You love your freedom, and you will go to all extents to protect it. The charts indicate that you are likely to be struck with a love bolt at some point in your life. When this happens, you will come across as a passionate, caring partner. You will be immersed in the life of your lover. Actually, your life will seem to revolve around them. They will become the center of your universe.

You seek relationships with those who mirror your qualities. Your ideal lover is charismatic, charming, attractive, and passionate. When you consider these qualities, we are looking at people born under the Taurus, Scorpio, and Cancer signs. These people understand your eccentricities, just as you understand their personalities.

You can form a very stable relationship with a partner born under any of those three signs. A word of caution!

The planetary alignments indicate that you are least compatible with people born under the Aquarius zodiac sign. You look at life from conflicting angles with these people.

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As such, a relationship with them would not bear the fruits that you desire. We strongly advise against it. Consider yourself warned! March 10 zodiac people are independent dreamers. You have plenty of ideas on how you can make your society better. Fortunately, you follow through most of these ideas and turn them into reality. You enjoy being on your own. This introspective attitude has metamorphosed into a meditative habit.

March 10th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Pisces - Part 1

As such, you are constantly examining your life and looking into what you can do to save the world. You understand that rude and materialistic people have no part in your humanitarian causes.

Characteristics and Personality

This means that you try to avoid them as much as you can. Granted, your life is better without them by your side! Your sincere and courageous outlook in life will take you far. Success is not for the fickle-minded. In this area, you score highly. However, you have a few flaws in your personality that you need to look into. Failure to do this will stifle your growth and largely compromise your success.

For example, you are prone to being paranoiac. At one moment, you are very certain about your direction. The next moment you feel totally insecure and directionless. Also, you tend to disregard the good advice.

March 10 Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

You believe in your way or the highway. You will lose valuable people if you continue with this attitude. All in all, the March 10 people are born winners. You have the potential to reach the apex.

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However, for this to happen, you need plenty of challenges in life. You have to be prodded to act in the right way. Such is your nature! You share your March 10 birthday with prominent people from around the globe.

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Here are five such personalities:. March 10 zodiac people are in the 2nd decan of Pisces. They are in the same category as those born March 1 and March The Moon plays a crucial role in your life. This means that you mirror most of the qualities that belong to this celestial body.

For example, you are intuitive, friendly, and emotionally stable. You are a touchy-feely person. Libras also have irregular eating habits.

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    March 10 Pisces Personality

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    March 10 Zodiac

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