Tula rashi january 2020 horoscope


Libra is known to attain stability and maintain an equilibrium, to be impartial and see things as it is, which gives them the power to balance themselves in the best manner possible, in accordance with the Libra predictions. You people have a chance to go out of the country, for further studies as this period is the most constructive and productive time, which will give you very good results, according to the Libra horoscope To add further, this year, make sure that you take really good care of your health and are conscious about it, as there is a possibility that you may have a negative influence on your health.

On a positive note, you will see economical gains as your source of income increases, making you a lot more stable than before, financially, but your weak health may give you a hard time and make you uncomfortable on a mental level, as per the Libra life in So, make sure that you deal with all such issues wisely and do the needful without any procrastination. Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state.

తులారాశి శని ప్రభావ ఫలితాలు 2020-2023 - Saturn Transit 2020 to 2023 Libra Astrology Predictions

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There are many things about this Transit but I think whatever briefly I have said above is enough for you all at this moment Rest when you connect with me for a Reading Take care of yours and your people Life is Precious and we have to be Proactive to safeguard ourselves from all odds of Life This is a game of Snakes and Ladder and we have to Plan it in such a way that No Major snake eats us and bring us to square one We need Ladders and for that we must know the Time and Plan it Astrologically You all can reach me on dilipr bhaktidhara.

Let me know who am connecting with, from where and whats the issue Life is almost destructed of Dhanu People.

I could Help many of those who reached me for Help by doing some or the other remedies for them, But most of them just suffered and are still suffering Many just kept writing to me, but for me too, it's my Livelihood and for everything, sadly money is needed People will prefer "To ROT" at one place with their Life shattered but will not have faith in the Shastra and spend a few Rupees to get the much needed Guidance and Help That Person remained Unemployed for almost 15 months and finally called me and told me that he is coming back to India.

But on that man's front was that a Responsible Behavior, He had his family and children back home and how can one afford to be Jobless in America for more than a Year, Exhaust all his Savings, Come on the Road fully broke but Not Listen to the Guidance and Simple Remedial measures which off course costs Some Money but must have saved his Career and Happiness of His Family There has to be a shift in Attitude If the problem is diagnosed then medication is necessary, else wht is the use of going to the doctor Spending and Expenses will rise out of proportion but do not worry, you will be blessed with whatever money you need for whatever reasons Do whatever remedies You know to appease Shani Dev Remember there s no use of fighting back as the more you will fight back, the more you will sink in the Web of Saturn The best way is to surrender yourself to him, do Shani Appeasement by remedial measures and just be humble and truthful Truth is Very Important Face the Truth Things will be much milder if you do so So from 5th of November till 24th January just do not go to crowded places and avoid travel etc If You Need personalized Guidance and help to cope with the Graha Yoga till November , You can always contact me or book a reading directly by using Horoscope Reading window on this page at the top right The Man was down with Recent failures and losses and constant difficulties on account of his Factory and Office Issues.

Tula Rasi (Libra Sign) dates and results of Sadesathi and Ardashtama and Astama Shani

He and His Wife both were sitting in front of me anxiously looking at me studying his Kundali on the zoom share screen of the Video Conference Call. The first Thing I noticed that His Fortune was with Foreign Land and working on Foreign land or with foreigners can only give him good results in terms of success in His Business. He told me that he wanted to do business with foreigners but could not realized it until recently, from last 4 years he somehow managed to connect the chords and now dealing with Foreign Companies I told him he must set up an Office on foreign Land to get the Optimum mileage of the Graha Yoga and to which he was very affirmative He accepted my recommendations for some remedial measures which can further strengthen his Business He accepted my proposal to come under my mentor-ship program for Business and he readily accepted the offer and joing the program shortly.

Moral of the story, In Business you certainly need the Astrology expertise as there are too many things at stake. One single mistake can spoil the future of the entire company and can destroy so many Lives dependent on that Business.

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Vedic Astrology is a Gem given to India by our Forefathers and divine sages It puts a clear imprint of one's life in front of the Astrologer and then Life becomes Easy. When You know what field is Good for You, What Phases are great phases and what phases one should be cautious of, Life becomes a win win situation In My last almost 25 years Journey I have created many millionaires in India and Across the Globe, It will be wrong to say I Created those millionaires, They were having those Yogas of business success in their Kundali, I merely guided them on the path of Life If you follow your Kundali correctly you can even take advantage of problematic phases of Life as well.

For that you should be told how smartly you can fulfill that problematic Yoga as well gain substantially on professional and personal front If You are a Businessman or a High Net Worth Professional and want to make it a great success out of your Life, Please allow me to have a look at your Kundali, allow me to check what course of action I have to take to make You see the Pinnacle of Success and Glory, Allow me to chalk out a Plan for You, allow me to make the worst phases deliver best results for you For that You just need to Trust me and come under my Mentor-ship Program We will meet online in a real time audio-video sessions Twice a month I will Keep guiding you and taking the reports every fortnight and working as per the developments I will be available 24 by 7 for you and you can connect anytime on whats app, email or direct phone call For each Individual the Course of action will be different as Every Kundali is Different but the end result for all of you will be the same and that is Only Success and Growth Take my World This is your chance if you are reading it I will give you a day and a time slot and a link to connect on given date and time with me Online in a real time Video Meeting Your Journey towards Success will begin from this Day Labels: Astrology for business , astrology help for business , Business Astrology , business mentor program , professional astrology mentorship program.

The Times are going to be Tougher The Tandava of Lord Shiva will happen in front of our eyes Tourists and Pilgrims are going to be the worst hit due to this Combination. Salvage Your Life and Life's Interests Major damage to Life and Immobile Property Nature Lovers, this is the time to stay at safe places, Sea, Mountains, difficult terrains must be avoided Postpone your Plans till 22nd June Post that date too there will be no respite but the Intensity will be less for sure Just Brief Predictions for all signs here 1.

Mothers Death is foreseen Spouse's Sibling or Sibling's Spouse can make your Life worse Adultery will be Worst in this phase as it will ruin your Life, Stay away from Sexual Relationships other than Spouse. Wrong acts Like Deaths due to fire, due to stabbing by robbers or in family fight can not be ruled out within home and office, Siblings, Children, Lover all will suffer, Financial Losses are foreseen Tula - Libra - Financial Worry and Losses, Problems to siblings, Loss due to your spoken or written words, Children will suffer, Loss of House, Property, Land or disputes regarding the same, Beware of illicit relations with Siblings spouse or spouse's sibling If You are a Student then forget about the exams or results Beware of Doctors, Doctors can make blunders and can finish your Health for Lifetime Second Opinion, 3rd Opinion advisable Take care of Eyes and Feet, Mouth disorders can not be ruled out!

Saturn to move from Libra (Tula) to Scorpio (Vrischik). How will it affect your Moon Sign?

God, Its so much wrong May Lord save Us all Just do some remedies for Shani, Mangal, Rahu, Ketu If Needed Personalised Reading you can book a reading and i will connect with you Shani and Ketu are already in Yuti and these two forms the Samuday Mrityu Yoga or the Yoga for Group deaths, mass deaths or mass killing Keep an Eye on Children as they will be certainly the Target Elderly People stay at Home and do Not do any adventures which you cherished for Lifetime in this time frame, this is certainly not the Time Dhanu, Makar, Kumbha and Meena Hold everything till 22nd of April You will certainly be target of this Graha Yoga so just Live your routine Life and avoid crowded places The 4 Signs of Guru and Shani are important in This as well So You all Need to take care of Your Life if you really want to spend some more time on this beautiful prison called The Earth What can You do to appease this Graha Yoga Hope this will Help Dear Readers and Followers Before I Proceed further with the Topic, let me quicky share the details like fee etc Lets understand what it is all about and why we need it at this Juncture of time Man and Woman are Incomplete without each Other and the Love is the Thread which bonds them together in a relationship and which most of the time get converted into Marriages I will enlighten you on all aspects with Theory, Practicals and we will discus couple of Kundalis as well Special Siddha Articles will be advised for Love, Marriage Harmony and if at all you are facing the Worst Kind of Separation or Divorce a Few things will be suggested for quick results of the same as well If You are 18 Years or Above you can enroll for this webinar no matter what is your Gender, Place etc Check the details bellow Labels: Divorce Astrology , Divorce in Astrology , Love astrology , Love marriage separation in astrology , Marital Astrology , marriage astrology , Vedic astrology for marriage.

Over last more than 20 years I am working towards making happy and successful lives by the Deep and Divine Wisdom of Vedic Astrology.

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Did made existing businesses thrive and grow exponentially, Entrepreneurs and Businessmen of all age and from Global Locations got Helped in my special Business Astrology Program With having understood the strengths of Your Kundali I will plan out a few things for You Few things will be Given to you to Practice daily or weekly and rest I will do whatever it takes to make you a Success in Whatever You Do There will be continuous support system of mine 24 by 7 and you can reach directly to me by whats app, live video conferencing and phone calls I will make you a strong person with focused targets and a systematic plan to achieve your Targets Life is Easy but we make it complicated, we have to change a few things of our Lives and accept a few new things which i will guide you about We will do Video Conference sessions every 15 days and you will Update me about Your Growth and I will Plan the future course as per the developments You will see great rise In Your Business in a Years Time and Your Profits will speak loudly the same Fact and the figures will be excellent to make you believe in Your capacities Mentee - Selected few People.

First 3 Month - Fortnightly Sessions on Mutually available time. Next 9 Months - Monthly Sessions. Fees - Rs. I will accept only a small number of People so that i can concentrate on each case and give my cent percent attention to each of you I do not bother whether you are a failure or already a success, i do not bother whether there are yogas for wealth in the Kundali or not as over the years in my Practice I understand that in Every Kundali there is a cent percent promise that the person can make it big This is an Opportunity for those who really and seriously want to to make it big in their Life So Make it fast Email or whats app me once You have sent the Payment and I will send the confirmation the moment it reflects in my System Labels: astrology and business , astrology can save your business , Astrology for business , Astrology remedies for business , Business Astrology , Indian Remedies for Business , using astrology in business.

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You can read the Preview by clicking on the Book bellow and if decide to buy it, You can certainly Buy it on Amazon Meena Rashi — Pisces. This is a very serious observation, It directly suggests that there will be No Happiness of Family, Children, Friends and the person will be aimlessly wandering on distant land…. If Your Parents are physically fit and can take care of theirs then too advise them to take proper safety majors as this Transit is Like the Hanging sword of Damascus on their Head….

Do Not do any property dealings in these 18 Months as I am Sure You will buy some Haunted, Possessed House or Property and it can start the fall of yours in all aspect….